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10 Top Strategies You Can Use To Increase Sales

publication date: Jun 14, 2013
author/source: Robert Craven - The Directors' Centre
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10 Top Strategies To Increase Your SalesCapturing New Sales

Ten quick ways you can increase your sales.

  1. Ask For The Business - There is a surprising number of people who don't do this.
  2. Design a compelling elevator pitch.
  3. List 25 target customers and create a five-step strategy to get them - eg. Send them an email, followed by letter, followed by free ebook, followed by an offer of a free report, followed by request for an appointment.
  4. Gather together your five top well-connected people - take them out for a meal, then ask them for help finding potential buyers in specific companies and/or industries.
  5. Run a customer survey which involves you talking to all of your existing/past customers/clients.
  6. Run a private dinner for five existing and five potential clients.
  7. Operation testimonials - ask all existing/past clients for a testimonial or a story to go on your website.
  8. Commit to phoning 25 people a day - with a target of talking to a minimum of 5 with the aim of getting one appointment each day.
  9. Remove ten per cent of your product lines - to make your offering more specific to your target audience.
  10. Create a specific offering for a specific set of customers - eg. free healthcheck for all new orders of product A.

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